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If you feel stagnant and settle for less than your biggest dreams, know this;
everything you need to heal is already within you. 

I’m Katie and I specialize in helping clients reconnect with their mind, body, and heart to build a life they really love. In body love, in money, business + in going after the life of your dreams.

I help clients What if I told you that everything in your life was incredibly connected? The way you perceive your own self worth will trickle down to your body’s perception, the way you look at goal-setting and even the way you do your finances.


Once you're able to recognize where your self-love all went wrong, a new foundation of self-belief is rebuilt.

You're now able to intentionally build the life of your dreams, using your power to create a life full of value, fulfillment & confidence. You are worthy of showing up as you’ve always meant to.
I am passionate about helping clients tap into the life of their dreams - in their jobs, their bodies, their relationships and in their finances!

It is my pleasure to work with amazing clients who tap into their inner power, love their bodies and get real, jaw-dropping results.  



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It all started when…

My name is Katie and I love talking self-love… so much that I risked everything by quitting my secure 9-5 job to establish Guts + Glory Coaching. I dedicate my life to helping you find your confidence, independence and bliss. 
I hated my body from a very young age  and this inevitably lead to hatred of every other aspect of my life. I’ve spent the majority of my life anxious, depressed and in toxic relationships (with myself, others, work, you name it). I was constantly sick from malnutrition or making myself sick with some new weird diet. Fortunately, all of that eventually changed. Once I finally learned to heal the way I see my body, everything else fell into place.

That new sense of confidence -at every single stage of my journey - opened my eyes to a whole new world. It inspired me to up-level everything else in my life. If I can feel this good in my skin. how good can I feel in my career, finance, relationships, and life?

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