a little about me...

My name is Katie and I love talking self-love. I hated my body from a very young age  and this inevitably lead to hatred of every other aspect of my life. I’ve spent the majority of my life anxious, depressed and in toxic relationships (with myself, others, work, you name it). I was constantly sick from malnutrition or making myself sick with some new weird diet. Fortunately, all of that eventually changed. Once I finally learned to heal the way I see my body, everything else fell into place.

That new sense of confidence -at every single stage of my journey - opened my eyes to a whole new world. It inspired me to up-level everything else in my life. If I can feel this good in my skin. how good can I feel in my career, friendships, and life?

I’ve quit my 9-5 desk job and dedicated myself to heal as many people as possible who are suffering poor relationships with themselves. Suffering with self-hatred, feeling stuck and not knowing who you even are is optional. I assist my clients in uncovering a powerful person within who is capable of anything they put their mind to. Body, mind and spirit.


I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a degree in Psychology and Pre-Medicine. I am also currently working on my 200-RYT to teach Vinyasa Yoga.  Yoga is an incredibly effective tool for sharpening the mind/body connection and I use its philosophy to help clients connect with their own bodies and energy.

Loving accountability, a fierce sense of  humor, and boldly going where no other therapist/coach have gone are the tools I use in my client's transformation.

Currently, I live in Washington D.C.  with my husband Evan and our dogs, Cornbread and Jazz. I love to teach Buti Yoga, explore the city, cook tasty/creative paleo recipes + coach awesome people like you!

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