the pedestal is falling down: there is no one "above" you


Knock that pedestal right down. 
(Or as I like to call it, the imaginary wall you've put up between you and someone else)

There is nobody "above" or "below" you.

I know that this goes against absolutely everything you've ever been told before.
The "natural order of things". 
The respecting of "the rank" or honor "the guru".

However, in your self-love journey, this is doing you more harm than good. This is putting up a big fat wall up between you and the people that can connect with you. 
If you put a complete halt to your growth because something immediately intimidated you and said "well, that's all fine and good for her, but that would never be accessible to me."

Do you realize that you've put any progress, connection and growth up to a complete halt?
You've taken the person who caused you to feel less than, put them on a ship & sent them off to Better Than You Island, where you don't have to think about them again, mentally blocking them off as something completely inaccessible to you so you can stay stagnant. 

In that tiny little moment where you told your twisty, bendy yoga teacher, "oh hell no."
Your boss "I'm just not good at math like you".
Your best friend with the sweet abs, "ugh you have good genes."
or dismissed something immediately because it seemed like too big of a stretch...

You have discounted the idea that hard work was involved in those abs, success with numbers or weird yoga poses. It's almost as if you think you are no-way-in-hell capable of that hard work or success... and that's just plain wrong. #youcandohardthings. 


Also, by putting someone on a pedestal, you have isolated that person from ever feeling like a normal person, but rather as some god that can't connect with you. They now have to sit with this weird compliment and now feel like they have to uphold their godly status around you and can't just be your mentor/friend. You've shut yourself off from ever really learning from that person because you've decided they're too good for you and you would rather stay where you are at.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If someone you know craves this godly status and wants you to feel envious, intimidated and stuck...they are not someone worth worshiping. They do not honor the crucial connection that is required in your self love journey, but rather stifling it.        Stay away.

This goes not just for putting people on pedestals, but life experiences and achievements in general.


One comment I get regularly is, "that's great that you can take your shirt off during yoga class, but I could never because I'm just not confident."
Nobody is 100% confident all the time - shirt or no shirt. They may not be giving their insecurity the mic at this exact second, but nobody feels like a complete goddess all the time and to insinuate that they just have this secret sauce that allows them to is just silly.
You didn't miss out on the confidence train.
You're not missing out on confidence being handed out for free.
There's no secret.
It's doing the mental work and doing it often.

"It's hot in this room, I don't like feeling stuffy in my t-shirt while working out, I like the cool breeze and I like being able to see my muscles activate while I'm working out."
 Those are truths that can't be taken away from me, no matter how "confident" I feel. In my world, those truths are higher than any feeling of "what if I'm not good enough!"

"Screw that. It's hot in here."
THAT'S the mental work I speak of.

See what I mean? 

Your belief in the nonexistent pedestal is hurting your self-love journey and preventing you from getting shit done. 
The world needs more YOU.


The more you, the better.



I firmly believe the world is a better place when good people reevaluate what their message is, how it got there (check in with yourself, is it outdated?) and SPEAK THEIR TRUTH.
 What are your goals, hopes, dreams, fears, and setbacks? Find what lights you up and do more of that.
You need the help to dig deep and figure this out - and uncover why you hide from your greatness by always putting people on these bothersome pedestals.
It does you no  good.
They do your friends/family/coworkers/strangers who surround you absolutely no good for you to shirk off your greatness like that. By asserting how small you feel some days by someone who is farther along in their journey than you are. 

You heard me, you are great.
When clients admit their deepest truths, scariest secrets, and most vulnerable thoughts - I just see how much beauty there is in that freedom. I see their greatness.
There is no longer "the pedestal", there is only growth.

Now tell me, why would you hide behind a wall when you've been great all along?

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Katie Skinner