best summer ever: ditch the predatory marketing schemes and choose yourself this summer


Note: this blog post was originally posted in my original website in July 2018 as a promo for my first group coaching course; Best Summer Ever.

Right now as we speak, huge weight loss programs & fitness corporations are airing ads to get you to drop everything, buy this now & work on your beach body. Which is all fine & well, it's just the relentlessly obnoxious expectation that it can be done fast, easily & with unrealistic results if only you buy this one miracle product.

It's easy, they say. Eat a dangerously low calorie amount that you have to count in a journal you must carry around, spend 3 hours at the gym, burn a ludicrously high amount of calories and never ever touch a single carb.
Even better: Change nothing, do nothing and eat whatever...just take this caffeine pill and your teeth will chatter so hard you can barely eat!
Then you can maybe take your shirt off at the beach this summer!

These ads are directed at teenagers, new moms & other vulnerable parties. They are designed to really push pain points & use some messed up psychology to get you to feel ugly, worthless and your only salvation is to buy a product they don’t care if you ever even use.
The product is either snake oil (trying to cheat you out of the truth that fitness is always going to be work. Sorry.) or a fitness program that gives unrealistic expectations and purposefully setting you up for failure.

This system is designed to keep you stuck, hopeless and else are they going to make their money? Why would obesity, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and other physical/psychological problems still be so prominent? Seriously? Despite the fact that the fitness industry is worth of 9 billion dollars? Because it is designed to keep you stuck. 

“What they don’t want you to do is drop the shake weights and sugary protein bars and invest in your mindset instead.”

Protein shakes, apps, work-out equipment, and cute yoga pants certainly won't hurt your fitness goals...but the special sauce is your own mindset. Simply put, accomplishing a goal is 90% mindset and 10% action.
What they DON'T want you to do is drop the shake weights and sugary protein bars and invest in your MINDSET instead.

"But Katie", you may ask. "how is feeding my brain gonna give me a six pack by the 4th of July?!" 
You will never achieve awesome, sustainable results you can be proud of if the foundation of your health goals is broken. Think of it like a Jenga tower... if the foundation of the tower is wobbly, but you keep buying tools and random philosophies and throwing them on top, you will wobble, wobble and inevitably fail...starting at square one.


The majority of sustainable, effortless (yeah I said effortless, but more on that later) self love and fitness is understanding that you are worthy of better, visualizing what exactly does it look like you to succeed and re-programming any subconscious fears and behaviors that hold you back. The result? Not just really reallywanting success, but designing a strong unfuckwithable mindset that does not see failure as an option.
One rooted in self love and a desire for more. One that knows in order to help others, you must fully help yourself first.
One that is tired of being stuck, feeling like a failure and thinks they are alone in this process. 

You are SO not alone. 

“The result? Not just really really wanting success, but designing a strong unfuckwithable mindset that does not see failure as an option. ”

There are other folks just like you, with similar stories, who want to cheer you on, hold you hand and keep you accountable. Even if you don't believe it, trust that this universe is mad expansive and holds awesome, helpful ideas  you haven't even heard of yet. 

It's not my business what you do to get healthy, I just care what's in your head. It's your brain that's going to drive you to succeed, to make sure that you won't quit and your intentions are healthy.

Stop throwing dollar after dollar on this get-fit-quick scheme or that restrictive meal plan...How many DVDs, protein shakers and tank tops do you have sitting around? It stops now. Invest in the one thing that will change your life for good - and will continue to serve you forever...Not a gym membership that you don't use and forget to renew.
My new group coaching course, Best Summer Ever, starts July 16th. 

  • DIG DEEP in some of the LIES you’ve been told about dieting, weight loss & self love....and why all that anxiety comes out in SUMMER TIME.

  • Gain a better understanding of WHY you hate your body in the first place, how it’s not your fault & begin the process of undoing. 

  • Build a SOLID, AUTHENTIC self-love foundation you can grow and nurture for the rest of your life. 

  • Engage and hold others accountable in group discussions that leave you inspired and ready to kick ass.

Once you're not getting in your own way anymore, nothing can stop you. Click here to register and change the way you see summer (and pretty much the rest of your life, too) forever.

No guts, no glory. ;)

Katie Skinner