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WELCOME TO REAL, RAW, kick-ass self-love.


When it comes to feeling stagnant in your energy, hating your body and settling for less than your biggest dreams, everything you need to heal is already within you. YES. YOU and your FINE SELF.

As a yoga instructor and authenticity coach, I specialize in helping clients reconnect with their mind, body and heart to build a life they really love by pulling out the thorn from their side - their uninspired, soul-sucking and down-right toxic way of speaking to themselves.

What if I told you that everything in your life was incredibly connected? The way you feel about your body trickles over to affect your career, your relationships and passions. Would you reconsider talking ugly to yourself in the mirror? 

Once you're able to recognize where your self-love all went wrong, a new foundation of self-belief is rebuilt. you're able to skip your merry way towards the body + life of your dreams, using your power to create a life full of value & confidence.

It is my pleasure to work with amazing clients who are ready to tap into their inner power, love their bodies and get real, jaw-dropping results.  

"Katie is very inspirational and real when it comes to her coaching. She will notice things about you that no one else, not even yourself can or have. I was unhappy with my career and my people pleasing tendencies and Katie made me realize that I need to do things for myself. She made me realize that I should do what I want and life is too short to be in a job that makes you miserable. Since then I've been on the job search constantly, following my intuition and noticing myself not pleasing people as much. Katie really helped me open my eyes to a better version of myself!"

-Ashley L. 

 I was stuck in a pretty low place for quite some time now . I hated my body, my mind, and myself. I wasn't in a healthy healthy condition.  I kept making excuses. I kept putting it off and one day I finally decided that there's no more time for excuses. I just messaged Katie, blindly, asking a stranger for help because something told me she's the key. Katie is so caring, patient and dedicated in helping me. I can already see progress and I've only been talking to her and using her techniques and advice for about 2 weeks and the progress is visible. One thing I've noticed the most is I'm not so negative and I feel more energetic. Honestly, being negative constantly drains you and you don't even realize it. . Katie's been guiding and encouraging me and I've been the one to thank for my own happiness. I can see the progress and my family and friends can see the progress. I don't regret taking the leap. I deserve to be at peace with my mind and body. I'm not getting any younger & it's time to start loving myself. If this even sounds slightly like you, TAKE THE LEAP. Let Katie help you. Put the effort into yourself and your happiness. If you've been waiting for the right time or sign, HERE IT IS. I can say from the bottom of my heart that its time to enjoy yourself, be confident, realize you're beautiful and a bad ass and that YOU can do hard things."

                                                                                          -April C.

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it is very likely that you've been told
"you're not good enough",
"that's just the way things are",
and feel helpless because of it.
the reality is our minds and bodies are incredibly powerful
and are capable of tremendous change OF OUR ENVIRONMENTS. 

It can be an incredibly daunting process, but that's why you don't need to go alone. My job is to hold space for you, keep you accountable and show you the way to the life of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Schedule your first free, no obligation 30 minute call. Let's talk about what you're working with and where you want to be. 

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You don't need to go alone,
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