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Welcome, Social Butterfly!

Confidence: Being in a state of ease, grace, strength, flow.

You’re confident in your ability to do your job, you’re confident in your ability to make decision and get yourself where you need to be…..

Why can’t you be confident in your ability to speak your truth + have fun doing it?

Do you spend a lot of time and energy struggling in social situations? Do you feel tired, exhausted and ready to go home way sooner than you wish?

Do you feel like you don’t have the “salesman gene” or “extrovert quality” and feel frustrated and in your head in social situations?

Not many people want to admit this, but social anxiety/fear can be incredibly crippling and feel shameful to speak about or bring up.

A lot of us resort to leaving events early without saying goodbye, ignoring our phones when loved ones call, or "being the kind of person who has no friends”…because it’s EASIER than actually healing ourselves and finding that people aren’t that hard to “figure out”.

It comes from a place of confidence, of inner knowing & PRACTICING your own power.


You don’t have to struggle to make or keep friends, to apologize for “speaking up”, to preface everything you say with an apology.

This group course is for those who need support, wisdom, and a place to practice these skills to implement in their day-to-day lives.

I created this course because the holidays used to be my LEAST FAVORITE time of the year. Too much social interaction!

I used to depend on there being food and alcohol to stuff my face with so that I could loosen up and not have to speak…..then I would feel drunk + exhausted…for no reason!

These two weeks in my Social Butterfly program will change your life… and the lives of those you care about.

Imagine coming from a place of power, confidence and kindness - instead of always being in protective mode, reaction mode or fear.

No more “awkward small talk”, no more energy depletion within 1 hour of being in public, no more WASTING energy avoiding people!

This program is for introverts AND extroverts, as we meet you where YOU ARE AT and talk about how to leverage your energy, your social circle and STRENGTHS to create a life YOU want, not one you’re settling for.

As humans, we need connection.

No man is an island.

You get to have AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU WANT! There is no such thing as “quality over quantity” in an abundant world full of amazing people - you just have to know where to look for them.

Join me, social butterfly!

You’ll get:

-6 group coaching calls - this is a safe, exciting and educational container where we lean into any doubts, fear and find our strength + confidence.

-Life-changing Journaling Prompts

-Unlimited group chat support - always somewhere to ask questions and vent to!

-One 1:1 call with me to wrap up your experience & get that extra support.

-Access to all recordings/chats/journal prompts forever!

-Future updates to this course, for life!

NOTE: Custom payment plans are available - if you are interested in this option, please send me a message!