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Who is Guts + Glory Coaching for?

Guts + Glory Coaching is for spiritual creatives and the entrepreneur-minded type who want to heal their confidence and monetize their passions.

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If you have a desire to make an income & impact using your gifts (coaching, artistic, entrepreneurial, fitness-related), but don’t know the first thing about building a business or brand, I’m here for you every step of the way. The Accountabilty Mentorship Program, listed below, is the option for you. I have helped dozens start their own businesses, monetize their passions and change their lives around it. If it’s your vision to have money in the bank, clients who adore you and a kick-ass life to boot, trust that desire. It wasn’t put there to tease you, it was put there to motivate you.

If you’re interested in ditching the soul-sucking 9-5, you’ll need to start to cultivate the confidence of a millionaire entrepreneur, and have me at your side showing you the way.

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What if I’m not a business owner, I just need support and someone to help me change my life?

The Transformational Mentorship Program, listed below, is the option for you. I have helped dozens of women in changing their life by looking at their relationships, eating habits, health, and relationships with themselves. Your life WILL change. It starts from within and it starts by trusting your desires.

It might seem daunting, but it’s incredibly achievable. You just need to start using that big, beautiful brain of yours as leverage for your business, rather than letting it always get in your way, manifesting as thoughts of “I’m not good enough!” or “What if I fail?”

We will work together to gather evidence that you are what you’ve always known yourself to be: amazing, capable, a freakin’ show stopper.

Guts + Glory Coaching Is not for…

I am very confident in my ability to change your life, but as you can imagine, I am not able to do my best work with everyone. If you are not ready to jump forward with all feet in, let go of excuses (if it didn’t work for you before, you don’t need to keep committing to the same mistakes over and over and over) and you’re not looking for support to change your life - my work is not for you.

If you don’t see yourself doing big things in the world, if you’re not ready to drop the drama, struggle and doubt - 1:1 coaching may not be for you.

1:1 Coaching is not for the faint of heart. I will ask you to step out of comfort zone, because action is what will change your life….not sitting on the couch “visualizing” or “hoping”, like other coaches might ask you to.
It is my full time job to make sure that your life changes and it looks exactly how you want it...and you have fun doing it!


All that you wish to become is already within you.
You simply need healing, accountability, support + someone who's been down that road to guide you


1:1 Private Mentorship: Confidence Coaching

This is a high-vibe, healing + growth centered mentor-ship.  

Need a knowledgeable, experienced BFF in your back pocket?

Let’s reprogram your thoughts that don't serve you by stopping them right in their tracks.  I will help you tame the bitch in your brain - the ONLY thing that’s stopping you from the life and health of your dreams.

We will work closely together to:

  • Learn to live a life of bliss, on your terms. no food obsessions, no exercise-binging, no picking at yourself in the mirror, no negative self talk.

  • Take your power back. Where are you giving it away? Simple yet powerful lines of questioning can completely shift your mindset to an empowering one.

  • Revamp your relationships. Friendships, marriage, and with co-workers. This shift starts within. You get to love ALL aspects of your life. Love/friendships should be fun and easy. Period.

Expect your life to change to amazing heights via massive shifts, goal-crushing and heart-centered mentoring.


1:1 private Mentorship:
Success Coaching

This is a commitment and action-centered coaching journey.

This package is for the entrepreneurs and creative types. Are you looking to quit your full-time job and take your passions full time? Are you a business owner/creative entrepreneur and want to make more money, work with awesome clients and not have your life totally suck?
This is for the go-getters who just need to be shown the way, receive accountability and support.

We will work closely together to:

  • Create massive clarity: What do you want? What is your vision? Is it throngs of screaming fans while you sing? Is it opening up your own yoga studio and filling it with eager students? Is it seeing your painting in a gallery? Is it scaling your business to 6 figures? More importantly, what will your life look like around this goal and how will we make this a dream come true?

  • Make your vision financially abundant. You’re an entrepreneur now, it’s time to talk money. Ditch the “starving artist” mindset, it’s not paying your bills. This involves energy clearing to adopt the same mindset that a millionaire would, while making a huge impact and not being a sleaze-bag. Yup, money for just being your awesome self.

Expect a heart-centered business where you’re not burnt out constantly full of soulmate clients and crushing goals on goals!


Energy healing/
Tarot Card Reading

Energy healing sessions are crucial when working towards embodying the person you desire to be.
Clients are guided through a meditation and offered affirmations to step into a more powerful identity and clear any energy that may hold them back.

Tarot card readings are a powerful way to receive answers to your questions about life, career, love, and many more. Readings are then then followed up with a coaching discussion on their meaning to you and how you can integrate this into your life.

Sessions are held over the phone - $55/half hour.



“Katie is an empowering and inspirational person who will motivate you and talk you through your struggles and issues. She will make you realize things you are doing or ways you are bringing harm to yourself, such as pleasing others and being a people pleaser. She will urge to follow your heart and follow your intuition. She is amazing! “

-Ashley L.


“I’ve invested in holidays, retreats, workshops, books, webinars, the lot, and yet what makes the most difference for me is what I’ve invested in the least – an understanding of myself. Working with Katie I was able to focus in on my ability to think and act with clarity and begin to manage my relationship with myself. Katie was very helpful with keeping me accountable and focused on my goals. It was great to be able to communicate with her even multiple times daily. She really does make time to check in and focus on you.”


“I’ve gotten 2 tarot readings from Katie and so far they’ve been spot on with everything going on in my life. Her cards are beautiful and she gives easy to understand interpretations! I definitely think it’s important to get a different perspective on things going on in your life for your own clarity & to get out of your head. Katie is amazing at providing that and is very open minded and a great listener. Highly recommend her 😊 “